Cheffins at the Beaumont

Clearing the old store

The initial stages of clearing the site of all the leftover refuse is done and the old derelict store at the back of the house has now been cleared away. This means we can now get on with removing the wall that currently separates the areas that will eventually become the bespoke Inn and Cheffins restaurant. There’s still a long way to go but we’re off to a great start!


  1. Hello,
    It’s nice to see our old family house (Martello) being re-developed and I hope that all goes well with the future building work. The ‘old store’ to which you refer was actually built as a cottage by my late Grandparents (Arthur & Emma Berry) in 1934 and we ( as a family of 6 ) lived in it until 1970; we then moved in to the main house, when my (late) Mother inherited the whole property. Subsequently the cottage fell in to disrepair during the mid 1980’s.

    Martello House was originally a cottage with the same roof height as the Foresters Arms and had a dwarf wall and small garden to the front (roadside) elevation. The ground floor was originally below the level of the road. When my Grandfather had the house rebuilt in 1949 / 50 ( by local builders Messrs Trussaud and Mauger Ltd ), the floor level was raised (due to the flooding risk). Subsequently we never suffered from any flooding – the water would occasionally ‘lap’ at the garage doors but never once entered the property. The Foresters however, regularly used to flood – if we were stuck in the bar when the tide came in, we’d simply put our feet up on the bar stools and finish our pints off !

    I wish you all the best in your future ventures and hope that your time there provides you with as many happy memories as we had when growing up in Martello House and what we all knew as ‘Beaumont Village’. It was a true local community.

    Happy times indeed !

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