Delivery time at the site of Cheffins at the Beaumont

On this site…

Many thanks to David and the Brindle and Berry families for sharing these pictures and their wonderful descriptions with us. Martello house (which is currently being converted into the new Inn) was David’s family home for many happy years and was converted from a 2 storey cottage into it’s present form by his Grandparents around 1950. David also gave us some great site history on the rear area of the site which you can find in the comments area of our Old Store post by clicking here.

We’ll keep exploring and sharing the rich heritage of the site throughout the development of Cheffins at the Beaumont and we truly hope that David and his family will feel we’ve positively added to the fantastic legacy of the Beaumont sites and always feel at home with us when we’re finished.

‘This picture was taken around 1935 from the upstairs window of the ‘Bellevue Hotel’ (next door to the British) and shows the Beaumont Village devoid of traffic.’

‘Taken in May 1937, this shows Martello House in its original form, with the Foresters nestling behind the hedge which served as boundary cover behind the dwarf wall. The bunting and flags are up as a celebration of the Coronation of King George VI. The garage next door (now the car dealer) was originally our old family business (Berry Brothers Garage).’

‘The old House during demolition in the late 40’s. The phone box was a feature for many years. Note the original ridge height and roof construction.’

‘The 2nd fix on the ‘new’ Martello House in early 1950. The date stone set in to the wall above the garage  – AHB (Arthur Henry Berry) 1950 – is just visible behind the top of the phone box roof. Once completed, an ESSO extra petrol pump and gantry swing filler was erected to the LHS of the ground floor window. The pumps were removed when my late Uncle (also called Arthur Henry) sold the business in the late 1960’s;  however the concrete footings for this pump still remain on the concrete apron.’

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