Our roof is Thatched!

The team from West Country Thatchers have finished work on the new Cheffins roof and they’ve done an amazing job! The roof has been thatched in a traditional style using over 3 tons of material, which includes the water-reed base, the straw coat and ridge and the hazel spars (which hold it all together).

The West Country team are renowned for their regular work on a large number of National Trust properties throughout the UK and their skill in this traditional tradecraft along with their attention to detail can be easily seen in every aspect of our wonderful new roof, from the clean cut lines of the straw coat to their trademark finish on the finial points (which are the Roman helmet style pointy-bits above the windows apparently).

We’re looking forward to revealing the roof properly to you all in the upcoming weeks when the scaffold comes down, but in the meantime here are a few close up photos of the West Country Thatchers and their handy work. If you’d like to find out more about them, please visit their website at

  • cheffins-beaumont-roof
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-1
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-2
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-3
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-4
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-5
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-7
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-8
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-9
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-10
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-11
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-12
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-13
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-14
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-15
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-16
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-17
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-19
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-20
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-21
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-22
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-23
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-24
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-25
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-26
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-27
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-28
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-29
  • cheffins-beaumont-thatched-roof-30


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