About Us

Cheffins is a beautiful place to be, from the pub to the restaurant we offer a cool and comfy place to drink and dine with your favourite people… and the food we serve is knife-and-fork down brilliant. Every dish is packed with flavour and our eclectic kitchen team pay constant homage to Jersey and her seasons. We source as much as we can locally and everything we serve from elsewhere is the best of the best.

We make an incredible Sunday Roast that’s pretty much famous locally and we’re renowned for top tier seafood dishes, our beloved pork belly trolley (with finger-licking’ crackling, done perfect every time), well-balanced plates, glorious sauces and of course, sweets and treats you have to leave room for.

Truly, the menu at Cheffins is a blend of traditional and experimental. We colour outside the lines in our approach to dishes and hope that for each and every service, we create a colourful culinary experience for our guests. Whether it's a delicate plant-based dish, or something deliciously rich and meaty, we aim for you to leave full and happy every time you visit.

Come and see us for lunch or dinner soon!

Love Cheffins 


Our Team

At Cheffins we really do have a team to celebrate. From our incredible international crew in the kitchen to our friendly front of house and office team, we all love what we do.

Service and hospitality are the game we’re best at and we love it when you come to play. Our team believes in making sure our guests leave with a smile and in order to do that, you better believe you’ll be greeted with one.

Join us soon for lunch or dinner, and feel at home at Cheffins! 


Our History

Jersey is steeped in history and we are more than proud to be situated at the place which housed the British Isles’ oldest, most southerly positioned public house. We used to be called The Foresters Arms and the old pub and Inn was serving pints and emptying spittoons from way back in the 18th Century, so we’re told.

The Foresters Arms was a traditional Inn and following our glow-up and refurbishment, we offered a similar thing. Our careful restoration of this beautiful local building saw quite a lot of change, including the addition of a brand new thatched roof, classically styled (and stunning) interior decor, working with the best experts in granite stone work, joinery and glazing - we kept the integrity of the building and as much originality as we could.

You can feel the energy of centuries of hospitality as you come through the doors at Cheffins… (and we’ve been pulling the best pints in Jersey since pints were invented).

Become part of our new history - join us for a pint or a plate of something delicious soon.