About Us

At Cheffins at the Beaumont Inn, we are immensely proud of the service and quality we provide with our food and drink and also the rich heritage we represent. After a huge renovation of the site, the oldest pub bar in Jersey has been kept in its original place but now we have two bars that are traditional in feel but are every bit as modern in their workings. Both bars can work independently of each other but are connected for ease of usage.

We have the largest, consistent Gin selection in the Channel Islands and all of our Gins can be served three or four ways. To add to this, we also have an equally extensive whiskey selection. You certainly won’t be disappointed. Sometimes though, you may wish to have just a single glass of one of our fine wines but you may not wish to buy a whole bottle- no problem. We have a ‘Le Verre De Vin’ pod bar that carefully controls the balance of Oxygen and CO2 in every bottle. This ensures that you can have as little or as much of what you want when you want it.

Every care has been taken to consider your experience at the bar, whether it’s seated on a bar stool in the ‘Gastro-Lounge’ or leaning back on one of the pews and enjoying some sports on the T.V in the pub. We also have a reading room if you fancy having a quiet moment or two to yourself. Either way, you can rest assured that our efficient but welcoming staff will take care of you and make you feel at home. It has been said that our staff are so attentive and considerate, that they treat the pub as if it were their own home, in the same way that one could only treat a place if one had, in-fact, been born within the walls of the bar itself. It’s a no-fuss kind of pub with all of the 21st century requirements just out of view so you slip back in time a century or two whilst knowing that you’re just a tap away from modern comforts if needed. If you’re environmentally conscious, and we hope you are, you might like to know that we store recycled rainwater from the roof to use in our lavatories. We also use an ‘Air handling system’ that constantly draws fresh air in from outside and expels ‘old air’ from within. This allows us to maintain a pleasant temperature throughout.