Licenced since 1717

The pub clearly has a traditional value to the Island and we are determined to retain all the character and charm that it has earned over the last 3 centuries. Previous refurbishments over the last 30 years that have included fake wooden beams, quarry tiles and large granite fireplaces have now taken their toll on a building that was once the only building in the area. Our plans focus on restoring The Foresters Arms to its original form as best we can. The ‘modern’ interior will be stripped out and the original features of the pub will be returned to their former glory wherever possible with solid wood beams and a traditional fire place that will help enhance the history built up over 300 years

The existing site has been empty for almost 2 years and is in a really poor state of repair so our plans to refurbish and rebuild are a welcome boost for the area. In economic terms alone the increased activity will be a vital boost to the Beaumont area – two businesses local to the area are trading by appointment only and the majority of passing trade is vehicular. Everyone we have spoken to has welcomed our redevelopment plans hence the massive support we have gained from all corners including Tourism, Hospitality, the local community and the Parish of St Peter itself.

As part of the plan a very well-known and established local restaurant will be moving in once the work is complete and they will be running the pub, guest house and restaurant together as one business so we are all very excited with what lies ahead.

We are looking to uncover more of the Historical value of The Foresters Arms but this is proving difficult as archived records do not seem to go back far enough. Whilst the date of the original licence eludes us we are still uncovering quirky stories of pub life passed down through the generations so we hope it will emerge in time for its 300th birthday!

On this Site...

The former Constable of St Helier (date unknown but circa 1800’s we presume) was getting fed up with the eastern parishes fighting with the western parishes on Market day so he decreed that those people coming to St Helier from the western parishes would leave their guns, knives, swords and any other weaponry at the Foresters on their way to Town as a way of easing the carnage that might follow in The Royal square. This is possibly when The Foresters earned its Arms!