The Cheffins Gastrolounge

Our Gastro Lounge and second bar have been extended into what would have been the rather pallid beer garden of yesteryear. There are four atriums allowing as much natural light as possible to flood the restaurant area. On rare occasions, when the sky is grey, we use some subtle and well placed lighting to affect a required mood and guaranteeing that you won’t miss a thing. With an incredibly eclectic mix of art collected over time by David Cheffin Parish and particular private benefactors, you will never be short of conversation. Whilst in the Gastro-Lounge, we would highly recommend that you try some of the carefully planned and prepared dishes that have been exquisitely created by the team at Cheffin’s, headed up by David Cheffin Parish who has plied and honed his craft whilst traveling around the globe. Our food can be simply summed up as modern, contemporary and yet, unfussy. Where interior styles have blended and fused seamlessly, so have the styles and flavours of our uncomplicated, yet sumptuous menu. Again, the environmentally conscious of you will be pleased to know that the food you will be enjoying has been prepared without the need for any fossil fuels. Our 21st Century kitchen still runs on old fashioned hard work though, so that your contemporary dish will still effuse 300 years of flavour. To add to the well balanced mix of Georgian and art deco styles, we have what we like to call the ‘Raffles room’ which is an area of the lounge that be completely separated from the rest of the restaurant and can become a completely private function room. The Gaugin is worth taking a look at too for it holds a sneaky secret.