The Beaumont Inn Pub

Cheffins at The Beaumont Inn is the oldest licensed pub in Jersey, its first incarnation being the ‘Beaumont Coach house’ in approximately 1651. It was the only building in the area and it had a few minor outbuildings surrounding it. Over the following years and with the onset of development, the foresters moved into the area and were well known to frequent this establishment. It was still unlicensed at this point. After a long day of de-foresting the land for building materials and to make way for agricultural land, there was no where better to procure a libation. It became known as ‘The Forester’s’ and was given its official licence in 1717, and it certainly needed it. Situated between the towns of St Aubin and St Helier, The Foresters was in an ideal establishment for many a cad, bounder and scoundrel. Such was the trouble in the area amongst various locals that the courts were called upon to issue an official licence so as to quell the violence. It would seem that muskets were unholstered and swords drawn. Circa the 1800’s (exact date unknown) a former St Helier constable had had enough of the violence that ensued on market day, when the Eastern and Western parishes would meet, that he decreed that those traveling from the West must leave all firearms including any swords and knives at The Foresters. This is the likely time that The Foresters Arms then came into existence. In the early to mid 20th century, The Foresters Arms had been enjoyed by many a holiday maker and local alike, there was even one local who used to ride his horse to the pub regularly.

Towards the end of the 20th century and turning into the new millennium, the building itself started to fall into disrepair and it closed its doors in 2014. When the massive and extensive refurbishment of 2016 was undertaken by its new owners, consideration was taken to regain some of the buildings former glory and to acknowledge its historical role within the island, albeit with less gunfights. One of its key external features is the thatched roof which was how the original ‘Beaumont Coach House’ would have looked. “We wanted to recognise its history and as soon as we found out there was a thatched roof- we just had to do it.” David Cheffin Parish – Head chef and Patron of Cheffins.

The main pub itself has been kept as traditional as is possible. With high back chairs near the fire place, low-level lighting and traditional wooden beams left exposed, there is no finer place to enjoy a pint. We are dog friendly too. You’re welcome to bring your horse too but they will have to stay in the al-fresco area out front.